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I am passionate about holistic health approach and mindful lifestyle, and I like helping others to reconnect with themselves. I have been into yoga since 2012, learning from experienced teachers, embracing the energy of sacred places in India, meditating in ashrams, and re-discovering myself through silent Vipassana retreats. On a daily basis yoga helps me to maintain healthy body, calm the chatter of my mind and stay focused in my daily life achievements, while living in this world of technology and information overload. All that helped me better understand my soul`s mission in this life to help as many people as possible to stay connected with themselves and achieve their best in their life goals.

I have recently completed my 18months Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Campus in UK to be able to officially teach and populate Yoga Philosophy.  As an active learner, I have always been deepening my knowledge in the areas that I am passionate about, which lead me to undertake another 500hrs Yoga Teacher Training with one of the best Russian Yoga schools. I am also currently training as Yoga Therapy Specialist and due to complete this 300hrs training end of this year.

About Me: About Me
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