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Yoga Is a Journey

The past few years of personal yoga practice and learning from renowned yoga teachers, inspired me to develop a systematic approach to help students make the best progress in a safest and most efficient way and integrate yoga principles into daily life.

Back stiffness and pelvis asymmetry – is the biggest problem of most city people due to sedentary lifestyle and lack of movement. My personal practice, as well as seeing common problems in other people inspired me to develop a systematic methodology for yoga practice. Therefore, the first and most important stage of MK Yoga method is solving the problem of pelvis area tightness and freeing up the hips. This is the key step to balance the whole body to be able to do and benefit from asana, and, as a consequence, to work with attention to increase concentration.

The purpose of MK Yoga method is not to “re-invent the wheel” of Hatha Yoga, rather I adapted Yoga practice for western society lifestyle and anatomy.  Most of my classes offer simple and effective sequences, which are available to majority people, and form a core principle to begin working with one`s body.  

Ultimately, Yoga is not about the pose, but rather what is happening inside your body and mind during the practice. Only that way you can make a good progress in your asana, calming your mind, and bring that into your daily life.

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