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[S4E29] Meteor Moves

The episode begins at the coffee shop, where Mordecai is found telling a joke to Margaret and Rigby about Skips. As the three share a laugh and cool off, Eileen eagerly walks in to remind them of an extremely rare meteor shower that is, as she claims, "once in a lifetime", which is revealed to be at the "Makeout Mountain" site (renamed from "Lookout Mountain"). This is nerve-wracking for Mordecai; to add to his fear, Margaret teasingly asks him if he is going to be scared on the mountain - to which he replies to with a no. As Eileen and Margaret leave, Margaret calls Mordecai "dude", which makes Rigby think Mordecai's been "friend-zoned"; Mordecai repeatedly negates continuous claims from Rigby of such. However, soon enough, Mordecai has a flashback to the time Margaret kisses him (see "Picking Up Margaret" for further background) and realizes that he has not moved in himself yet. For this (after being reassured by Rigby that the kiss is, in fact, easy to do), Mordecai swears that he will kiss her that night at the mountain.

[S4E29] Meteor Moves

The episode moves to nighttime, while Mordecai, Rigby, Eileen, and Margaret are driving to Makeout Mountain (a ride accompanied by raps courtesy of Mordecai and Rigby). Once the four arrive at the mountain and settle down, Eileen begins to talk about her astronomy club and how they name stars (which Mordecai later refers to in thought as "star gibberish"), which of course sets back the chance for Mordecai. However, soon enough, the one-manned conversation begins to deviate into these romantic themes, as Eileen begins to reference the fact that "two celestial bodies will collide during the shower... if they [don't collide], they will burn up and die". Mordecai, having had enough of Eileen's talk, quickly creates a diversion by "offering snacks", which really means pulling Rigby to the side and instructing him to go up the mountain with Eileen for "a better view".

Once Mordecai and Margaret find themselves alone, the conversation soon turns serious, with Margaret talking to Mordecai about her future, in which she references her fear of not getting accepted to college. Mordecai assures her that she will be fine, adding, as a counterargument to a claim she brings up, that she surely did not sound dumb in her college interviews. The two then bring out drinks, to which Margaret toasts to their friendship, semi-depressing Mordecai into thinking that they are in the friend zone. However, Margaret then reveals the true reason for not wanting to leave - she is going to miss Mordecai the most. The two then share a romantic gaze, hold hands, and - almost - proceed to kiss; in the second before they actually kiss, the meteor shower hits (Eileen is mesmerized). When finding that Mordecai and Margaret haven't kissed yet, Rigby then begins to continuously yell out "friend zone" from the mountaintop. Mordecai and Rigby then go back and forth about the "friend zone" (with Margaret next to them), and soon Rigby expresses his anger and frustration at the fact that Mordecai has not done anything about it yet. The meteor shower then begins to spiral rapidly, and Mordecai and Margaret disappear and reappear in midair.

The two are locked in the literal "Friend Zone", which is maintained by the Guardian of the Friend Zone, an elderly, moonlike creature. The "Friend Zone" locks them into the solid green glass, through which sound cannot escape, ruling out any chance of communication between Mordecai and Margaret. The Guardian, after being asked why he is in the glass, then explains to Mordecai everything about the "Friend Zone", and lectures him about the fact that he has not made any moves and has waited too long to kiss Margaret. Mordecai is extremely doubtful, as he fears that the length of his love for Margaret hinders their chances; however, he swears that he will do it if the two are allowed to physically and verbally communicate - the Guardian then gives him "another chance", allowing him to walk over to Margaret.

Once Mordecai gets to where Margaret is, she fearfully inquires "where they are", to which Mordecai lovingly responds, "Right where I want to be." Margaret, visibly taken aback, is overcome and cannot move. Mordecai then proceeds to move in, and the two passionately kiss. The Guardian, proud of Mordecai, declares the two removed from the Friend Zone and breaks the glass on them as they float to the ground, still kissing. Once sitting on the ground, the two finish kissing and are visited by Rigby who goes "hmm hmm" in a positive and reassuring manner, and is undeniably in love. A mesmerized Eileen soon comes down the mountain praising the meteor showers and asks Margaret how she liked it, to which Margaret responds, "...amazing" as she looks happily over at Mordecai. Finally, Eileen and a proud Rigby soon begin walking off, talking about what seems to be the event; Mordecai and Margaret proceed to give each other one last look and then hold hands as they walk to the car and the episode finishes.

A Thunder Monitor alert from Super President Kickbutt informs them that Professor Meteor is in Hiddenville and is working on a project to launch a meteor to destroy the city. To the twins' surprise, a video surveillance reveals that Prof. Meteor in in fact the thief that they refused to stop at Splatburger. The twins rush to Professor Meteor's lair. He stops them using his gravity manipulator which makes it impossible for them to move or use their powers. He tells that he is using his technology to cut a huge rock from the moon and direct it to hit the Thundermans house, killing everyone.

The twins panic because they have no way of stopping him. Luckily, Professor Meteor is clumsy and gets entangled in his own machines. He trips and loses balance, giving the twins a chance. They freeze him and rush to their house to stop the meteor. They arrive just in time before the meteor hits. The twins slow it down using Telekinesis and then cool it down with their Freeze Breath. Their family is saved.

In the episode "Meteor Moves" from Regular Show, Mordecai has a plan to kiss Margaret at a meteor shower. Mordecai is excited about the upcoming meteor shower and has been looking forward to it, as he believes it will be the perfect opportunity to finally kiss Margaret. He has been hesitant to do so up until now and is looking forward to finally making his move.

Meanwhile, Margaret is also looking forward to the meteor shower, but for different reasons. She is excited to witness the event and take in all the beauty of the night sky. She has no idea of Mordecai's intentions and is blissfully unaware of what is about to happen. As the night approaches, Mordecai and Margaret prepare for the meteor shower and both anticipate the events to come. 041b061a72


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