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Speaking of future stories, official word has not been announced regarding a second season or the Vampire Academy yet, but fans of the book seem to be digging showrunner and vampire series grande dame Julie Plec's intent to do something "wholly unique."

Vampire Academy Book 2 Free Download

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Marguerite MacIntyre: They stem from a great book series by Richelle Mead. She made a great world and then we put her world into a world that we wanted to shoot with a different visual. You know, The Originals felt so different from The Vampire Diaries. I also wrote on Legacies, which also felt so different. Those were part of the same world but they all had such a different vibe and I was so impressed by that. And then here's a world different to the booksm so we had this beautiful world to leap into and say, "What a great sandbox!" It feels different to other vampire shows and it just feels unique, in and of itself. We were like, "We're either crazy and this is just going to be a big mess, but let's dream a little." I feel like we did that and that was also beyond just the big swings of each individual storyline. I watched it and it's not like anything else. I feel excited by that.


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