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🔧How To Fix High Ping In Roblox ✅ | FIX Roblox... !!EXCLUSIVE!!

This variant of the stuck in midair glitch involves the Phoenix element and a way to high get up (the best way is jumping on a wedge). Get someone to go up and, when they are at the highest point in midair, use Soul Plunge. The glitch sometimes does not work.

🔧How To Fix High Ping In Roblox ✅ | FIX Roblox...

There are two alternatives that can happen. The Great Fire Blast can erupt from the ground and can go faster if you put your mouse at a 45-degree angle to the ground (Note that the trail is not visible) and it erupts vertically, rather than horizontally. If you can hit it with a projectile, it will act like a normal block and will explode, using this an excellent shield for annoying Darkness ult spammers. Also, note when the Darkness Ult seems to pass through blocks, this is just a visual glitch and once the beam passes through a block, it can hit you, but won't do anything, no damage and stun. [An easy place to do this is in the standard MEGA's sandy place, or the grass and the grass MEGA's drop zone.] OR it can stay in the ground with the trail still there, half-visible while the other half is on the ground, and jumping on it can sometimes result in you jumping really high. [An easy place to do this trick is in the outside of the standard map, on a flat place away from the sandy place in the middle.]

It is not considered a glitch because in high blocks playing can make a super jump to climb, well,works with the borders of the map, keep jumping on them until you reach the wall and you can reach the other side what gives access to santa's sleigh and the void. 041b061a72


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