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Mirrorop Sender Mac

Operate a remote computer to play multimedia and games, or access any other program or information in a speed-optimized manner. Connect the MirrorOp receiver to your PC and use it as a workstation for one or multiple senders to get the signal and experience a distant connection.

Mirrorop Sender Mac

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MirrorOp sender is the fastest multimedia remote desktop sender for Windows! With MirroOp sender for Windows installed on your Windows computers in the home network, you can remotely operate the PCs from a receiver to watch videos, play games, surf the internet, or anything you like as if you were in front of your PC!

MirrorOp Sender is a fast and powerful Windows remote desktop sender. It enables users to remotely control their PCs from a receiver to watch videos, play games, browse the web, or any other activity from the comfort of their own home. Categories: Database Tools, Debugging Tools, Distribution, Help, IDE, Webmaster Tools.


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