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[S2E4] Victory

After hearing of Robb's victory, Joffrey orders Sansa be publicly beaten, but Tyrion and Bronn defuse the situation. At Bronn's suggestion, Tyrion sends prostitutes Ros and Daisy to Joffrey, who forces Ros to beat Daisy as a message to Tyrion.

[S2E4] Victory

After his victory the year prior, Jake proposes to continue the bet with Holt. Jake's assignment this time is to remove Holt's medal from the wall (which was removed by Holt and put in a safe to make it even harder for Jake) before midnight. If Jake wins, Holt will do Jake's paperwork for one week, but if Jake loses, Jake will do five weeks of overtime without pay.

In the end, Captain Holt and the group celebrates Holt's victory at the bar and Jake is forced to admit that Captain Holt "is an amazing police captain/genius" in addition to the five weeks of unpaid overtime. Jake tells Holt that he has already started planning for the next year's heist, to which Holt replies that he is only three months late in planning.

Keisuke still has confidence in Takumi in beating the Evo and won't forgive him if he loses before he can rematch him. Kenta is shocked that Takumi is still behind. Takumi makes his move and slingshots alongside Seiji. Seiji believes he's clinched the victory only to find out he disappeared from behind his mirrors. Much to Seiji's surprise, he is right beside him. Takumi caught up to Seiji while exiting the exit's turn and trapped Seiji in the inside shocking Kenta and Fumihiro. Seiji can't comprehend why an inferior car can be so fast and his front tires are starting to lose their grip. Much to Fumihiro's amazement he asks Keisuke what will happen next. Keisuke said there are no gaps or openings left for Seiji to pass him and Takumi emerged victorious putting Team Emperor's Gunma sweep to an end. Kenta is amazed at Takumi's potential. Everyone is in shock of Takumi's victory. However, Takumi couldn't accept victory due to already knowing where to make his moves and his knowledge of the course and would have been beaten somewhere else after encountering a much faster car. Kyoichi slaps Seiji for his impatience and disobedience and demands Seiji to explain why he lost. He couldn't explain as it was Takumi's technique that made him lose and doesn't know how the Eight-Six can keep up with him while leading. Kyoichi points out that none of this would have happened if he stuck with Simulation 3, and tells him once more to stop acting like a stupid idiot and to start using his head. Still unhindered with his decision with beating Ryosuke he decided to race the Eight-Six at Akagi before moving on to his next opponent.

The next morning Itsuki boasts on Takumi's victory but is unmoved on his victory and felt he was defeated as he explains his decision on never racing in his home turf again and will focus on other areas even if it means losing. Back in the lockers he once again sees another note concerning Natsuki. Later at work at the gas station, while filling his car up with gas Kyoichi proposes Takumi with a challenge in an unofficial race in Akagi in order to teach him a lesson. Despite his potential he recalls what he said to him during their first encounter if he keeps using an old car like his Eight-Six he can never advance any further in the racing world. If he races him in a practice run he will demonstrate to him the difference in power. He gave him two options either race him either that night or the following and warns him he will defeat him easily with hopes it will teach him more harshness in the racing world. Then Kyoichi leaves. His friends believe he's trash-talking him believing they were sore on their defeat and implores Takumi he doesn't have to do it. Takumi declines his offer even if it means being called a coward. Back at home, Masashi was amazed at Takumi's victory but at the same time, he saw the engine doesn't have much life in it left. Bunta is also aware that the car is going to blow unexpectedly and will have to lose a race soon. Masashi believes Takumi is too stubborn to stay undefeated. Regardless of outcome, Masashi is ready to install the new engine whenever he is ready.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 2 episode 4 "Halloween II" ends with Holt celebrating his victory at the bar, while Jake concedes and accepts he has five weeks of unpaid overtime ahead. In addition to being one of the most entertaining of the Halloween heist episodes, "Halloween II" also solidified the slowly evolving friendship between Jake and Holt - and that the latter is an "amazing police captain/genius."

Nikki, Neil, and Max manage to squeeze out a victory at the Annual Lake Lilac Ultimate Frisbee Tournament, which is upsetting to Pikeman, as he apparently wanted to use his victory to reign over Camp Campbell, to which the trio retort that's never gonna happen. David comes by and asks if they can just play nice, and Pikeman scoffs that the Campbell campers being nice is impossible. David challenges him to a bet: if the campers can't go 24 hours without being mean, the Wood Scouts will take Campbell's best camper (though if they should succeed them Pikeman will leave them be) and they shake on it. Pikeman orders Petrol to remain behind and notify him immediately should they fail. David, as usual, is confident in their victory, until the camp bus enters with a new camper: the awkward and disgusting Jermy Fartz. One quick look tells everyone involved that the day's task just became exponentially harder.

When Jermy announces that he's chosen to represent the sticks of the pine tree, David bursts out laughing, shrieking that the sticks are actually birch and calling Jermy a "big dummy." Petrol literally blows the whistle on him, who quickly insists that he's the nice one, summoning Pikeman (and Snake) who proceeds to rub his victory in David's face. Max finally breaks free of the dogpile and bellows his pent-up rage at David, immediately feeling much better afterwards. Making good on his deal, Pikeman steps onto the stage to look over the campers and make his "best camper" selection, and they all wither under his gaze. An idea overtakes Neil, who starts begins begging for the Wood Scouts not to take Jermy, and the others quickly catch on, chiming in on how wonderful he is. Pikeman cackles that the choice is clear and the camp will now be so much weaker without him. As the Wood Scouts lead Jermy away, Gwen and Nikki castigate David for screwing everything up, asking what happened to him. David tries, several times, to justify himself, but eventually gives up and stomps away in stubborn red-faced silence. All is quiet for a moment, until something clicks in Nikki's brain and she realizes aloud, "Oh, I get it, he was a fa-", thus ending the episode.

Tech got his rare moment in the spotlight after winning his first and only riot race -- leaving the crowd chanting his name as he gives an awkward salute. It's a wholesome moment for a character who's usually in the background doing repairs, and it can be easy to miss the real consequences of his victory. With cameras pinned on his face and a crowd cheering "Tech!," the Bad Batch essentially just broadcast their survival to the entire galaxy.

So while "Faster" may seem like nothing more than a fun time, to already be calling it filler is a disservice to the episode. On top of giving Tech a needed moment to shine, it's clear that the riot race victory will cause a domino effect leading to everything that's to come.

The Northern army under King Robb Stark leads a surprise night-time assault against an encamped Lannister army, which was only manned by Rennick and another Lannister guardsman, with his direwolf Grey Wind causing a considerable amount of damage. The Battle of Oxcross is a smashing victory, following through on Robb's promise to give Cersei "another Whispering Wood."[6] The next day, Robb surveys the battlefield as Silent Sisters tend to both Stark and Lannister wounded, while his bannerman, Lord Roose Bolton of the Dreadfort, argues that they should kill all of the Lannister soldiers they took prisoner, because they're having trouble supplying their own army and prisoners will slow them down. Robb disagrees, saying they will fight honorably and follow the laws of war. Bolton concedes that some of the Lannister officers might have useful information they could be tortured into revealing, but Robb refuses, not wanting to give the Lannisters an excuse to torture his sisters, Sansa and Arya.

In King's Landing, King Joffrey Baratheon is furious when he hears of Robb Stark's decisive victory against Lannister forces. He has Sansa Stark brought before the assembled court in the recently redecorated throne room, which now boasts iron spikes on many surfaces and roaring fires surrounding the pillars. Lancel Lannister tells Sansa and the assembled nobles that Robb only won the battle with trickery and sorcery. At first, Joffrey sadistically menaces Sansa by brandishing a crossbow at her and openly toying with the thought of killing her right in front of the throne to send her brother a message. Despite being clearly terrified, Sansa refuses to give Joffrey the satisfaction of scaring her and continues to firmly pledge her loyalty. Annoyed, he reluctantly concedes to his mother's insistence that they need Sansa alive, lowering the crossbow and ordering her to stand. 041b061a72


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