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Hitler Was My Friend - The Memoirs Of Hitler's ...

Nassir Ghaemi, a professor of psychiatry has referred to the paper of Heston et al., and felt that Hitler suffered from bipolar disease.[21,22] He wrote that Hitler had distinct manic and depressive episodes throughout his life and August Kubizek, his closest friend from young adulthood, described phases of depression in him in his memoirs. He wrote that during such periods he was inaccessible, uncommunicative, and distant; and he would often wander around aimlessly and alone for days and nights. Heston felt that the combination of bipolar disease and the use of amphetamine were responsible for Hitler's mental decline in the last few years of his life.[22]

Hitler Was My Friend - The Memoirs of Hitler's ...

In February of the same year 1908, August Kubizek give away the persistence of his friend Adolf and came to join Hitler in Vienna. Years later, in his memoirs, Kubizek remembers the room in the back wing premise on Stumpergasse 31, as a depressing cramped room with the smell of kerosene, where the only small window looked out on the dark wall of soot (it was the back wall of the facade of the building, which is visible from Stumpergasse). In the house, there were bugs that Adolf Hitler catches and puts on a needle, like trophies. Friends persuade the hostess, Maria Zakreys, to hand over to them the larger of the two rooms for 20 kroner a month and she agreed. Friends live peacefully together in a new room. August Kubizek passed exams at the Musikverein Conservatory easily and was used to spending time in the morning in the classroom, and then he trained at home on the piano and alto. August Kubizek and Adolf Hitler as young men lived together from February to July 1908 in Vienna, during which they visited a variety of theatrical productions, in particular, all performances in Wagner. 041b061a72


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