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Unplugged Free Download

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Unplugged Free Download

A Korean version is available fromBookWall or Yes24 or Kyobobook.Korean versions of the videos are available here.Several other Korean translations exist.A free online version by Kwangchun Lee is available at -csunplugged/, and the GitHub repository for this version is available on GitHub.

The Romanian translation of CS Unplugged has been done by Asociatia Techsoup within the Predau Viitor (Teaching the future) program for quality and equity in CS education. Together with other free CS teaching resources around Scratch, the Romanian version is available here.

A Spanish version is available for download here.The translation has been done by Alfonso Rodriguez (iCarnegie, Pittsburgh, PA),Lorena Mendoza (Pittsburgh, PA) and Clara Eugenia Garza (IIMAS UNAMCiudad de Mexico).

What attracts women to men, and how can men maintain that attachment? In the age of social media, where women get free attention and validation from hundreds of men, how do men in long term relationships deal with partners who feel they have so many options?

In the first weekend of June, some guys organised a men mentorship seminar targeting public servants workers in my county, including teachers, county employee, police forces, etc. We are about 450 men each paying 1000 bob. One month later, I borrowed unplugged from my brother and guess what, everything the speakers in that seminar said were word for word off this book. I should have added sh 200 and bought a copy of unplugged instead, anyway, haidhuru.

Hon Patrick Makau in a political banter with Alfred Mutua last month advised the latter to read a book called unplugged so that he can be man enough. I had to look for the book. Without any doubt, its the greatest ever addition to my library. What stands out is the quality of social research, the author is extremely well read, and he excells at providing highly persuasive examples. Well done!

I have read many books but none is as impactful as Unplugged. This one immediately alters ones mindset. You realise you have either been living a lie, blinded by femicentric imperatives, or operating way below you potential. Once the harsh reality hits you, there is no turning back because you immediately get unplugged.

I wish this book was available in Nigeria. In the whole of Africa, its Nigerian men that need unplugged than the rest of Africa. In the meantime, I will buy two more copies and sent to my friends back home, may be the gospel will start spreading with those two resources. Its a book that will undoubtedly rejuvenate the African man

I respect the work Amerix and Kibe are doing towards on matters masculinity but Jacob Aliet takes the movement on a whole new level with unplugged which adopts a highly intellectual perspective and provides an expansive scope in terms of coverage of issues and solutions.

Glad I read this book before my 20th birthday, I am confident it will prepare me for the tough world of dating, relationships, and marriage. I now very well understand why its impossible for me to date my age mates and why I should spend more time working to build myself rather than chasing them around. Instead, The value I will build will attract them or much later. great lessons inside unplugged.

Salvation is what you get as a man after reading unplugged and adhering to its teachings. Men, read unplugged and get saved. Unplugged shall wash your weaknesses away and you shall live the rest of your life as a full stack man.

The first thing that came into my mind after Mulamwas recent scandal on 8th of August is Unplugged. If there is a Kenyan man that needs to read this book its Mulamwa. He is the most perfect example of a weak man, a man who cant unplug from her hypergamic ex, a man who does almost everything against the ideals of unplugged, scarcity mentality and zero mental point of origin. Someone introduce Mulamwa to Unplugged. Dr, Kingori, where are you?

I will recommend this book during all my interactions with men. I must ensure as many men as possible read unplugged because the future of manhood and masculinity depends on the extent to which men adhere to the teachings in here.

I heard William Ruto say that all Kenya Kwanza MPs will undergo a mentorship program after being sworn in. For the male ones, reading unplugged should be part of the mentorship, they need to be taught how to chase goals instead of slay queens.

Unlike many books which you read once, you will find yourself reading unplugged several times. Its not a book you can easily give away. Situations will happen in life that will require you to keep referring to the text for direction and guidance, the way you refer to the Bible or other religious books.

As a young man in my twenties, this book comes at a time the men in my generation need it, In a world defined from the female perspective, where more and more men of my generation are becoming feminine and more and more women are becoming masculine, this books sends you back to default settings and awakens the man from within, and as they say masculinity is not the problem lack of it is.Time to Unplug , every son of a woman needs this copy .Looking forward to the new improved unplugged

Unplugged.It came in my life at a point where I was almost leaving everything to fate. I had just lost my young family, I felt the worst had come to my life and nothing made sense anymore.I first learned about the manosphere from Silas Nyanchwari. I read some of his memos and one day he had tagged you, Jacob Aliet, in his writings. The memos started firing my spirits up. On further reading and following your Facebook page, my hunger for understanding the female nature and intergender dynamics was fully aroused. Your work and ruthless approach towards declining musculinity and increasing feministic approach to life triggered me into learning more. Every time I read unplugged, I feel like killing the beta me a thousand more times. A rush of emotions and and adrenaline fills my veins and I can clearly see where I dropped the ball.I had to reassess my life and get everything back on track, find a purpose, fix my health, adopt new was of spending time and my resources. When I look back the steps I am making since the unplugging began, I find no correct adjectives to describe how grateful I am for this masterpiece.This will forever serve as my best reference and life coach.Men Must unplug!

What makes even makes me feel ashamed is that I borrowed unplugged from a 20 year old young man to read. I am 38 and I am like how did a 20 year old got this kind of book before me. Despite having read, I will still buy a copy for future reference as this is not the kind of book you read once

There is no doubt I am a sub optimal low value man, although I was not aware until I read unplugged. Awareness is the first step towards recovery. Using insights from unplugged as the blueprint, I will work on myself till I reach the full stack man status.

Any man who hasnt unplugged should be ready for serious character development. Men must unplug from the lies and rhetoric peddled by the femicentric system. We must get back to default masculinity settings, swallow the f****** red pill and show the system the damn finger! This book needs to go viral and reach every man.

I decided to base my 2023 new year resolutions on the lessons contained in Unplugged, and in preparation for my new world order, I am already two weeks alcohol and gambling free. By the time new year hits, I will be three weeks free of some of the habits Ive resolved to drop in the new year

Marital challenges have driven me to near depression, at times harbouring feelings of harming myself on somebody. A few weeks ago, after opening up to my pastor about what I was facing, he gave me a copy of unplugged and told me to read before we can have a man to man talk. I have just finished reading the book and I already have sharp mental clarity that will enable deal with the challenges constructively.

I got my copy of unplugged in June and it has helped me live a more focused and purposeful life in the second half of the year. Most importantly, I was able to eliminate timewasters and distractions. Secondly, I resolved to create value on a daily basis, either learning a useful skill, keeping fit, creating content, gardening, etc, there must be some value created on at least one aspect of life daily for the last about 173 days. This book definitely opened my eyes and mind.

Maze nilisoma unplugged nikasare plans za kujiua. Mpaka nikajichukia why I was harboring such thoughts in the first place, when there is a way out of every deep shyet for every man, as per the author. I now more than ready to live and work my way out of the deep pit

I think my wife hid or destroyed my copy of unplugged before I finished reading, as I cannot find it. Getting a new one first thing on 3rd January. I already give it a 5 star rating based on the about 72 pages I had read.

Is there a man who has not been a victim of hypergamy? Is there someone who has not been left by a social climber? Is there? Hypergamy is a pandemic. I experienced hypergamy (as I understand it now thanks to unplugged) for the first time in class 8. I was left for the prefect.

Georgina Njenga leaks her nudes on the internet but who is trending on top twitter today? Her husband, Baha of Machachari. Things unplugged has been warning us about are already biting men. Marrying or dating low value women, the kind that set thirst traps on social media is a recipe for disaster. Such lowlifes will drag your name and @ss down the drain.

I used to be that kind of guy who would spend loads of money on my girl to earn her love, then I read unplugged, and I have been gradually diverting the money I used to spend on her to my business, with very impressive outcomes. On the other hand, my girl thinks I am cheating now that I no longer buy her expensive gifts or take her to exotic places for vacations (guys, you will be suspected when you stop simping and put yourself first). I told her I am focusing on building my business and we can no longer spend money carelessly, and she now feels that she is no longer my first priority. I categorically told her, yes, you are not my biggest priority. My business is, If you left me for another man, I would still have my business intact, and the value it creates will attract your replacement and if my business failed, you would leave me for another man, and I would have no value to attract a replacement. Sijui kama nitaachwa ama atakaa, but hata sijali. I am unplugged. 041b061a72


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