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Menubar Countdown

Hey Peter sorry to start this up again but did you build a next version of this? also wondered how you would get an alert dialog every 10 minutes of the countdown. So if the countdown was set for 30 minutes at 10 minute intervals an alert would pop up. Also is it possible using this to pause/continue the timer at all in that window?

Menubar Countdown


Each timer is independent and can reset at any time. To reset, tap on the time. If you are in timer mode, the time is reset to 0:00. If you are in countdown mode, the time is reset to the duration of the song or set, or to 0:00 is no duration is available.

This heads-up display provides a play/pause/stop button as well as a playback scrubber that no only displays the current playback position of the audio track, but also allows you to tap or drag to select a different part of the track to play. Since the heads-up display area of the menubar is configured by swiping, be sure to tap and hold before scrubbing to a different playback position.

Simply execute a custom defined global shortcut or use the menu to start a new countdown timer. Great for time boxing to boost your productivity. Afterwards, you can analyze what you have been working on in the log view. Additionally user-definable QuickTimers available.

While you can set timers of all lengths online, you only truly experience the beauty of anticipation when you can reliably look at upcoming events day to day, which means getting a countdown clock app for your Mac.

As you can see, there are quite a few ways you can anticipate something exciting, from simply setting the online countdown timer to getting a dedicated Mac app like WaitingList or Moment to track all sorts of time progressions.

This post lists 5 free menu bar Pomodoro timer apps for MAC. These apps allow you to have a timer app running on the MAC menu bar. The countdown in all these apps is 25 minutes long by default, but if you want to use some short intervals for the timer then you can do that. You just set timer and then track the progress right from the MAC menu bar. You can control the timer from the menu bar itself and even opt for other options such as night, resetting countdown timer, pause timer, and some others.

Pomodoro is an old technique which is very good for making you productive. In this technique, you use a traditional 25 minutes countdown timer and you have to complete task during that interval. You can divide your tasks and then accomplish them before time runs out. And that is what the apps that I have listed below let you do. You just start a timer and make sure that you complete your task before the timer reaches to zero. These apps are good for programmers, students, teachers, and other people. In the following post, I will talk about 5 such menu bar apps.

Pomojo is one of the best free menu bar Pomodoro timer apps for MAC. This is a simple app for MAC menu bar where you can set daily goals and then use the timer accordingly. The default length of the countdown is 25 minutes which you can change based on your work. You can fully control this Pomodoro app right from the menu bar and keep track of the remaining time without opening the app interface. When the timer runs out, it throws a notification and plays an alert sound. From the app settings, you can configure the break intervals, daily goals, and opt out for notifications if you want to.

So, just get the app binary from above, allow the application and then its icon will appear. Simply start the timer and then it will start showing the countdown in ts menu bar icon. Also, when the timer runs out, it will play an alert sound. However, there are no notifications. In addition to all this, if you want to stop the timer before reaching the zero, then it lest you do that.

AbAlarm is a simple application that works both as an alarm clock and as a countdown timer. The program will help you never miss important events and track the time between the present moment and a future time coordinate that you've set.

Menubar Countdown is a nifty countdown clock for Mac OS X. Unlike other similar clocks out there, this one sits on the menu bar and shows in real time how much time is left until the clock reaches zero.

Apimac Timer is a Mac utility that comes in handy to people who need to easily measure time on their computers. The application comes with built-in stopwatch, alarm clock, and countdown tools which might prove to be of good use to freelancers...

TimerTrek is a great Star Trek-inspired timer and countdown clock. If you have ever watched a Star Trek movie, you probably have noticed the graphical interfaces of the computer terminals on the starships.

I need an applet that can count up to specific number of days. I'm currently using the 'alarm-clock-applet' from Software Center but it can only count up to 24 hours. I need a countdown timer in Days which will be visible on top notification area along with regular clock.

WAI-ARIA includes a number of "managing container" widgets, also known as "composite" widgets. When appropriate, the container is responsible for tracking the last descendant that was active (the default is usually the first item in the container). It is essential that a container maintain a usable and consistent strategy when focus leaves a container and is then later refocused. While there may be exceptions, it is recommended that when a previously focused container is refocused, the active descendant be the same element as the active descendant when the container was last focused. Exceptions include cases where the contents of a container widget have changed, and widgets like a menubar where the user expects to always return to the first item when focus leaves the menu bar. For example, if the second item of a tree group was the active descendant when the user tabbed out of the tree group, then the second item of the tree group remains the active descendant when the tree group gets focus again. The user may also activate the container by clicking on one of the descendants within it.

The menubar role is used to create a menu bar similar to those found in Windows, Mac, and Gnome desktop applications. A menu bar is used to create a consistent set of frequently used commands. Authors SHOULD ensure that menubar interaction is similar to the typical menu bar interaction in a desktop graphical user interface.

Authors MUST ensure that menu items are owned by an element with role menu or menubar in order to identify that they are related widgets. Authors MAY separate menu items into sets by use of a separator or an element with an equivalent role from the native markup language.

Authors MUST ensure that menu item checkboxes are owned by an element with role menu or menubar in order to identify that they are related widgets. Authors MAY separate menu items into sets by use of a separator or an element with an equivalent role from the native markup language.

Authors MUST ensure that menu item radios are owned by an element with role group, menu, or menubar in order to identify that they are related widgets. Authors MAY separate menu items into sets by use of a separator or an element with an equivalent role from the native markup language.

If a menu or menubar contains more than one group of menuitemradio elements, or if the menu contains one group and other, unrelated menu items, authors SHOULD nest each set of related menuitemradio elements in an element using the group role, and authors SHOULD delimit the group from other menu items with an element using the separator role.

The toolbar is often a subset of functions found in a menubar, designed to reduce user effort in using these functions. Authors MUST supply a label on each toolbar when the application contains more than one toolbar.

iClock is time, date, alarms, calendars, moon phases, countdown, stopwatch, chimes, floating clocks, pomodoro timers, application menu, BigCal, TinyCal, automation of dark/light mode, global scheduling, world time, laptop alarm and much more.

Where the Clock app surprises and delights is around timers. If you set a timer, the countdown is automatically added to the menu bar at the top of your Mac. Clicking it opens the Clock app, and the countdown continues even if you quit the Clock app. I can see this new built-in feature being very useful for managing tasks and time while working on the Mac.

It's not a dashboard widget, but the Apimac Timer application is free (there's a paid Pro version with additional features) and functions as a stopwatch, countdown timer, and alarm clock. Nice and handy.

Open the menu: On your Mac, dwell on the status menu in the menu bar. The pointer appears over the status menu and the dwell time countdown begins (the pointer circle starts to empty). When the countdown is over, the menu opens.

This is my countdown timer of choice. The older 32 bit version wouldn't work on OS10, but now that it's been upgraded to 64 bits it'll work again. I tried 4 or 5 other timers, but this one is simple, easy to use, and works directly from the menu bar. I'm glad to be able to use it again.

Days Countdown enables you to seamlessly sync your events across all your devices and it displays your favorite event countdown whenever you start the application. It occupies less space in memory and has no effect on the performance of your Mac. To sum up, Days Countdown for Menu Bar is convenient and competent software that keeps track of the number of days until your next important event by conveniently displaying it prominently in your menu bar.

You have the opportunity to promote a particular occasion on your Facebook page by adding a countdown clock application, or app, to your account. This application displays an image of a clock on your Wall, and it counts down to a date, such as a graduation or sporting event, you want for follow. Facebook gives you access to various third-party applications directly within your account. Insert a countdown clock on your Facebook page to track the event.

Log in to your Facebook account and type "countdown clock" (without quotes) in the search field on the page. Click the "See more results for countdown clock" link that displays in the drop-down list, and then click the "Apps" link on the left side to bring up all the applications that perform this task. 350c69d7ab


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